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PAR6 helps small businesses interact with data.

Problems We Solve

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PAR6 creates apps to help the flow of information.

Problems We Solve


Here are some common issues and concerns:

Company Culture

Introducing efficiency with new technology tools can cause employee insecurity. Customized training and establishing new routines early is key.

Retaining Customers

Chasing new customers could result in drop in quality, price increases, and more vertical competitors. Ask about using Loyalty programs and customer analysis.

Measuring Marketing

Conversion rates, sign-ups, email open rates, brand searches broken down into multiple phases with certain indicators in place for campaign tracking.

Systems and Processes

Automation for reducing the error rate of manual data entry, simplifying calculations, and designing predictions via traditional business logic or AI/ML.

Deploying Technology

Evaluating the return on investment for restructuring certain portions of the technical landscape in favor of integration and processes improvements.

New Business

Consumers get access to new opportunities (competitors). Some profitable channels get oversaturated. Must discover differentiation.


Our Approach

To get the whole story.



From ideation to end-user, it's not always the SME or the manager in an organization that can best identify inefficiencies and offer valuable input. We focus on each employee and node of a process to get raw sense of the problems.



It may not be a piece of technology or a need for custom software. It may just be an employee or a broken process or a combination thereof requiring additional training. Identifying the exact problem early on can mean savings for your company.



Time is NOW but planning is key. Identifying mission critical processes and planning for redundancies will prevent surprise bottlenecks requiring a rollback of deployments of new processes.



On-premise or on the cloud? With increased requirements for remote personnel access, vendor communications, and disaster planning, we will present flexible options to meet your specific immediate needs as well as scalability.



You no longer have the time. Business owners often think that they can probably figure it out alone. Times have changed. The problem was always on your mind. It needs to get done. Your vision needs to move forward.



This is where we come in. We will listen to your problem points, develop an approach specific to your goals, and deliver results.

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Our Work

Branding, data migration, analysis, ecommerce, or tackling new markets, PAR6 helps you get there.


Our team combines deep understanding of industries with range of experience to support your business growth.

Charles R.

Info Architect & Marketing

Aerospace, Manufacturing, Aesthetics, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Ecommerce

Greg H.

Creative Director

Automotive, Commercial RealEstate, Manufacturing, Legal, Ecommerce, Branding

Rich A.

IT Infrastructure Architect

Ecommerce, Aerospace, Materials, Non-Profit, Data Center, Security, Logistics

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